We understand how costly water managment is across an Enterprise

At Clean Industrial we are committed to taking a lead role with innovation, we are focused on improving customer productivity and driving down your costs. To see the economical impact of our services and technology, Global Capital expenditure on water treatment equipment is expected to be one of the fastest growing segments of this market, increasing from an estimated $3.4 billion in 2014 to $5.4 billion in 2020.

Our current approach expands the economic value to our customers. One example is in the Oil & Gas industry. The total cost to treat produced water applications can range from $2 to $17 per barrel, depending on transport distances and injection well disposal availability. Clean Industrial works effectively in this market and other industrial markets that are facing tighter environmental regulations and higher disposal costs.

Our membrane-based approach can replace flotation and nutshell filter units while delivering improved water quality at a lower cost. This is ideal when disposal options are limited and further upgrading for reuse is required.

Efficient Water Processing

We work with our customers to design a water treatment program that is more efficient than water disposal and acquisition strategies. Our locally recycled water is an economic alternative to trucking, surface water withdrawals and pipeline infrastructure.

‘Build-Own-Operate’ Systems

We can provide ‘build-own-operate’ systems enabling customers to avoid capital investments for water disposal by offering a long term fixed price for water and extending the life of existing water disposal and sourcing assets.

Membranes, Not Chemicals

Operators can treat highly contaminated water with fewer chemicals and less energy, all at a lower overall cost than traditional treatment methods. Significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact and more efficient disposal, reuse and handling of water are being achieved by Clean Industrial’s IMS platform.

Integrated Membrane Systems Make Sense

Clean Industrial works with Integrated Membrane Systems, eliminating the need to rely on expensive and experimental water treatment methods.

Our IMS System Makes Economic Sense 

  • Skid-mounted, compact, highly automated system with few moving parts

  • Unmatched industrial water de-oiling and reclamation of valuable oil product

  • Near-zero liquid discharge with flexibility towards feed quality variations and surges

  • Effective customization for downstream effluent requirements

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX – lower cost of water treated = lower cost of operations

  • Reduced process residence time, quicker process start up and stabilization

  • No chemicals required

  • Ease of operation, remote monitoring, highly reliable


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