Current Challenges in Operations or Maintenance

We recognize the importance of having clean, safe and reliable water for your facility processes.
We will help you minimize downtime, optimize production and reduce disposal.
Optimizing Production

 We must be aware of where dollars are spent to ensure our efficiencies maximize our potential. Margins are slim and water recovery can be costly if not handled by a solution like Clean Industrial offers.

Reducing Operational Costs

The economy is always finding ways to increase operational costs. Lean operations that can meet quotas – while coming in under budget – are the way of the future and when processing waste-water, Clean Industrial is leading the way in cost effectiveness.

Safe Water Management

We work independently with a small footprint, but alongside your team, to eliminate the need for you to spend resources in managing water. Our expert staff are here to do that.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is an essential element in which operators should not overlook for optimizing process improvement and maintaining safety during operation.
The benefits of proper water pre-treatment:
  • Efficient performance of equipment

  • Maximized handling with equipment leverage

  • Vital to preventative maintenance programs and measures

  • Reduce the risk of mechanical failure, which reduces the risks to employees and the environment

  • Decrease costs on equipment repairs 

  • Save time and money while reducing your environmental footprint

Clean Industrial provides these important pre-treatment solutions to protect the lifetime of your assets and minimize downtime. The Integrated Membrane Systems (IMS) module provides a solution with increased energy efficiency, a consistent filtration performance, automatic clean-ability, and a safe, easy set-up and operation.

Our Solution – Integrated Ceramic Membrane Systems

Our continuous flow, high uptime systems are scalable and re-deployable to meet a wide array of volume specifications when and where needed.
  • IMS modules have a throughput of 400m3 per day and can be scaled by 400m3 module.

  • Our platform Ultrafiltration systems can be augmented with advanced treatment systems like reverse osmosis, forward osmosis and ion exchange systems.

  • All operators and mechanical components and containers are OSHA, OSSA, SECOR, Comply Works, ISNET and EVITTA compliant.

Clean Industrial will provide a reliable source of water that meets specifications to achieve the type of water quality needed while not over treating water at additional and unnecessary expense to your operation.

Our system will assist facility owners to dramatically reduce their water needs during daily operation, maintenance and major outages. This reuse will reduce your water needs by an estimated 75%.


Water will be returned free of contaminants and in usable condition for facility operations or for release into the environment.


With our patented filtration system, we work with industrial cleaning and water jetting companies to reuse and recycle water that would otherwise be disposed of.


Mobile water treatment has been around for decades. With recent technological advances – including the ceramic filters, instrumentation and software Clean Industrial uses – our new systems work effectively and reliably.

What IMS Does for Your Business

Our Modules are compact and highly efficient at removing the smallest particles

Our IMS system can be used for frac water management. The IMS systems will eliminate storage and transportation costs of produced and flowback water. It does this by treating the water at, or near, the well pad.

In any fabrication industry, our IMS systems will solve otherwise costly answers to rectify your short-term, long-term, or emergency solutions. We are able to provide our modules and service our systems all within service agreement.

To enhance your ability with our system, Clean Industrial includes the integrated PLC control systems that enables remote system monitoring, increasing reliability and maximizing your experienced personnel.

We provide the intelligent operation, exceptional pretreatment and robust material to impact the way your business is able to operate.

Our IMS modules provide:
  • Effective water treatment that takes up less space

  • Performs more robust filtration compared to conventional methods

  • Outputs a much smaller size of particle rejection with a high recovery rate

  • Reduce the cost and time needed for effective produced water management and reuse

  • Make water quality and quantity predictions more practical for improved petroleum industry operations and environmental performance

  • Oil and water returned to your business – saving time and money and reducing the environmental footprint

Let Clean Industrial’s water recycling platform improve your output and save your business time and money.

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