We Know the Challenges to Overcome

For over 25 years, our team has been cleaning industrial wastewater. Clean Industrial understands the strict and tightening regulatory requirements that industries need to comply with.
Reduce Wastewater Management Effort
Prevent water cycle loss from industrial water use
Improve Environmental Performance
We give your team convenience with our ability to meet the necessary regulatory specifications.  Water treated by our Integrated Membrane System (IMS) platform will be returned free of contaminants and in usable condition for facility operations – or, when possible, release back into the environment.
Our technology has been applied in a variety of other applications including oil spill clean-up, providing emergency access to potable water and industrial oil/water separation. Clean Industrial is able to look at your industry and arrive at a solution for your needs.  
How we use water today will significantly impact the future of tomorrow. Here is where we are now with the Earth's water:

Less than 3% of the Earth's water is fresh, the rest is seawater.

Of this 3%, 2.5% is frozen and largely unavailable.

Humanity must rely on the remaining 0.5%. 

Factoring in that personal and industrial water use is on the incline, steps must be taken to manage this necessity with valuable returns for your organization. 

Large amounts of industrial waste water go un-treated. 

The result is less and less water as we advance forward.

The future of water is at stake

Clean Industrial is leading the way, creating a positive water future while helping businesses manage one of their most valuable tools for operating.


Canadian Stats provided from http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/16-401-x/2014001/aftertoc-aprestdm2-eng.htm

Let Us Do the Work for You

Clean Industrial provides solutions and services for economic, efficient and environmentally friendly treatment, reuse and recycling of water in any water-intensive industrial application.
Our ability to treat and recycle process water can assist oil fields in becoming net water neutral and insulating them from operational or regulatory disruption.
Our mobile or semi-permanent installations will manage your water problem with a minimal impact on your operation and we vastly reduce your environmental footprint.
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We Keep Ahead of the Competition

Clean Industrial is a technology company specializing in industrial water solutions and innovations. Clean Industrial addresses the industry’s toughest water challenges through custom-engineered solutions and game-changing technologies that reduce the cost, complexity and environmental impact. We increase the safety and reliability of water use in industrial operations.
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Integrated Membrane System Platform (IMS)

A diverse platform developed to treat your unique water conditions and provide clean, portable water from industrially processed waste water.

Clean Industrial’s IMS platform is suitable as pre-treatment for advanced treatment methods like Nanofiltration or Reverse Osmosis, removing even the smallest of particles from influent water.

Our unique system enables this physical barrier-process to be a viable solution in wastewater treatment. With the ability to produce reused water of uniform quality, regardless of the potentially wide variation in the concentration or physicochemical properties of wastewater influent.

Factoring in the absence of chemical treatments is of economic and ecological benefit to our clients.

Our IMS System is a highly effective centrifugal and membrane de-oiling process compared to other technologies. Our proprietary IMS System is of the highest technology:

  • Lower shear force imposed on the influent

  • Large hold up volume leading to higher centrifugal force impact (g-force – seconds)

  • Lower specific energy consumption

  • Adjustable wear size to manage various oil densities

  • Low operating and maintenance requirements

  • Requires significantly less cleaning, less downtime and very reliable continuous operation

  • Is 2.5x less expensive than other similar treatment systems

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